July 5
July 10

Leaders in Training Camp

July 5 - July 10; Grades 10–12

Our Leaders in Training (LIT 1 & LIT 2) camps have been pivotal in raising new leaders. LIT is designed as an entry point into understanding what it means to be a disciple of Christ, in ALL areas of your life. It’s strength? Learning to let the Lord work on the real me, and sharing, asking questions, stepping out, and leading among your peers together.

Camp registration is by application and we try to take on no more than 12 students for each LIT year. This year we are adding a second year layer to the camp. That means if you attended LIT in a previous year, you can come again this year to take it to another level. LIT 1 and LIT 2 will happen together during the same week.

Each student is selected and will be assigned a leader who will serve as a mentor during the week. Each day is designed to help students grow and learn about Christ and his plan for each of us.  Along with leaders, campers participate in a week long work project. Ultimately, they develop skills that translate to all kinds of different ministries and areas back home. Following a week of LIT, campers are encouraged to take on a week of “practical” experience by either returning for a week in the summer, serving at one of our other camps, or in other ministry contexts back home.

This camp has the potential to do some amazing things in your life and we are excited to be a part of that journey! We look forward to building a team, developing friendships that last a lifetime, walking together in discipleship and having an incredible week… and summer together!

The cost for a week of LIT (If accepted) is the same as a week of camp $325. This includes your training, all materials associated with that week, our celebration day together, your other week spent at camp (for practicum,) all food and lodging.

Yes, you can come in your summer after grade 12, as well.

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