How we Got to Be Here!!!

**Story told by Owen Still:
It was in the days of gas rationing, that four of us (Tom Rash, Frank Rempel, Owen Still,
John Bergman ) went looking for a site for a permanent church camp. We stayed at the
Sandy Cove Hotel and heard of a possible place nearby. So we drove across the ice to see
it, Owen and Tom standing on the rear bumper of John’s black Chrysler (“Chrissy”) in
fear of breaking through the ice. We saw the property, 43 acres with a half mile lakefront.
We drove to Erskine and got purple gas so we could continue to Lacombe to see the
owner. John negotiated for $4300. We approached the ACMS (Alberta Church
Missionary Society) but they were not to help, so we tried the AYPA(Alberta Young
People’s Asscociation, precurser to PYPA) and they said to go for it. We held workbees
and meetings at the camp. Pledges were taken for the downpayment. The owner came out
to see what this group was like – he was so impressed with the enthusiasm and desire that
he took $100 off the price.

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