Kids love Rainbows Camp:

I liked allot of food, swimming, conooing, campfire songs, cabins, free time, sand box, everything in the camp, friendship braclets, talent show, smore night, park swings, friendly people, puzzles, game night, hot chocolate, movie night.


Rainbows Camp is great. The food was good. I like the freedom to talk. It felt safe here. Could we have smores maybe twice next year?


I liked the Rainbows sessions, free time, food, teachers, canoeing, campfire, games (Dutch Bliss), talent show, carnival and just plain running around with new friends.


I liked everything. Tether ball, eating cereal, ringing the bell, flouting, swimming, rainbows, eating, talent show, miget morning, campfire, morning show with craiger mcgarager. I didnt like nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.


I liked the talent show and the nice people and my new friends and all the joy in the camp. I liked helping with dishes and I love everything maybe not the frogs and bugs.


I liked playing sports! Wrestling in the water. Campfire. Dancing. Talent Show. Meeting girls. The food. Swimming. Canoeing. Interacting with the counselors. Archery. Friends I met. Soccer. Screaming death! Basketball. Free time. Obstacle course. Football. Frogs were cool. Wanted to stay longer.


Moms and Dads love Rainbows Camp:

Very helpful! Awesome connection and support with other women. Very useful information. It’s great to have met others and hear their stories and have them help along with (the leader). She’s fabulous! I love the time for family and the adult alone time has been my sanity for the year. 🙂


I liked the games and free time — very creative allowed the whole community all ages — to participate and build friendships. Very kind and understanding people. Impressed with the nonjudgemental attitude. Make us feel very accepted — just as we are. Great love example.


I love how we are cared for with every need. Some single parents without families around do not get many breaks to rest. Very relaxing yet challenging week. Thank You.


Staff were FUN & LOVING!!! They were very friendly, kind, helpful and respectful. Overall it was fulfilling, wonderful, amazing, deepening, connecting & good memory making.


The staff were friendly, interactive, Godly. I really enjoyed observing their interactions with kids and adults. Fabulous! We’ll be back. Wished we could stay longer. 🙂


Wonderful! Plenty of free time without structure. And as well as good structured activities for the little ones. My daughter had a great time and was able to experience many awesome activities for the first time (archery, fishing, campfire and songs). What can I say? To all the staff, “Thank you all the way to the moon and back again.” (as my daughter would say) for your love, insightfulness and support.


Rainbows Camp is Great! I will highly recommend this both professionally and personally. You have a fine sensitive, helpful (peer support) program with great seasoned facilitators.