Volunteer Opportunities

While the camp has a core of year round and summer staff, the camp also depends on volunteers to come and work alongside for shorter periods of time. Watch this page for various volunteer opportunities.

Wanted: Kitchen helpers.

PLCC is looking for assistant cooks to spend the occasional weekend helping cook for our all-inclusive rentals. Anyone able to chop veggies or bake a cake and willing to work with others to provide good, nutritious meals for our guests should definitely contact Wanda or call 403-886-4661 Come enjoy the beauty of Pine Lake while helping your camp fulfill the essential task of feeding our guests.

Wanted: Skilled Trades People.

There is often need for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and much more. If you are trained and experienced in a particular trade and have time to give to the camp, contact Cal for more information or call 403-886-4661.

Wanted: Teens to help keep the camp clean.

If you have a day to come out to the camp and work hard cleaning up the camp, contact Cal for more information or call 403-886-4661.

Wanted: Volunteer staff for Summer 2019

We need volunteer staff for our entire summer program. While each volunteer is screened, chosen according to need and fit we have a number of roles to fill.  Needs include: counselors, kitchen staff, deans, maintenance, worships leaders, speakers etc.  Contact Les Howell  for more information.

Wanted: Nurse/Medic/Doctor for Summer 2019

We are always looking for trained medical staff that are available to volunteer for one or two weeks, or a whole summer of camp. If you are interested in volunteering at Pine Lake Christian Camp in this capacity please contact our Camp Director, Lyn Wood for more information.

Volunteer Application